Residents have been worried about the water quality for some time.
The SRPA tested water resources around the town to see what is in the water and if it is safe for human consumption as the municipality has claimed numerous times. The test was conducted through an independent water testing laboratory, QMS Agri Science in Letsitele.
The first tests of eight different water sources, were done on February 8, with shocking results.
The SRPA sent two of the samples in again to be retested on February 22, but the results came back no different from that of the first test. The water from outside taps at Louis Trichardt High School and Ridgeway College was found not fit for human consumption.
The test results stated: “Not fit for human use (SANS 241:2006). Colifroms, E. coli and total bacteria count above the recommended limit for drinking water,” for both the water samples.
The general conclusion on the test results stated: “Drinking water: (SANS 241:2006) bacterial counts must be less than 5 000 colony forming units (cfu) per ml for treated drinking water. It is preferable to have no coliforms (maximum 10 per 100ml). It is unacceptable to have Escherichia coli (E. coli) in drinking water, as it indicates recent faecal contamination and indicates that other human pathogens such as Vibrio cholera (cholera), Salmonella typhi (typhoid fever), rotar virus and protozoan parasites could be present.
“A pH of 5 to 9,5 and a conductivity of more than 150mS/m is ideal for drinking water.
“A conductivity of 150 to 370mS/m is acceptable. A TDS (total dissolved solids) of less than 1 000mg/l is recommended.”
The SRPA requested the test results of the water done by the Vhembe District Municipality and the Makhado Municipality in a letter, which stated: “Please make sure we get the results within 10 working days.
“If the results are not given to the SRPA within 10 working days, we will assume the results are the same as ours and we will then publish the test results in our possession”.
The letter was hand delivered on March 19 and no response has yet been received.
The letter was also sent to Bomo Edna Molewa, the national minister for environmental affairs, Sicelo Shiceka, the national minister for cooperative governance and traditional affairs, the Public Protector and to Soviet Lekganyane, the MEC for cooperative governance and traditional affairs.
The Vhembe Herald is also still awaiting a response from Ralushai Matodzi, the spokesperson for the Vhembe District Municipality.

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