Do you ship outside South Africa?

Yes, just email us directly for a shipping quote.


What are your shipping costs within South Africa?

Free door to door delivery to Main Centres within South Africa, via Aramex couriers. A flat rate is charged for deliveries in outlying areas.


Does your company sell or install whole house water filtration systems?

No, we specialise in high quality gravity-fed, portable and personal filtration systems like Berkey and British Berkefeld which do not require tap water pressure, plumbing or electricity.


What is the difference between Super Sterasyl Ceramic and Black Berkey Filters?

Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, organic chemicals, chlorine and reduce sediment, turbidity and particulate. Black Berkey Filters do this AND remove lead, MTBEs and other heavy metals. Both filters have similar life span and require similar cleaning.

Black Berkey filters remove the most contaminants. Super Sterasyl Ceramic are more durable for travel, but filter a bit more slowly than the Black Berkey. Both are more practical, effective, longer lasting and more durable than the competition.


How does the Berkey compare with an RO (Reverse Osmosis) System?

The Berkey does not remove beneficial minerals which the body needs whereas an RO system does. Drinking de-mineralised over a long period of time can actually have adverse health effects. Additionally an RO system does not remove Pathogenic bacteria unless UV light is added to the system and even then, bacteria can collect in other areas. Overall the Berkey is also far cheaper and requires far less maintenance than an RO system.


Can I purify saltwater in my Berkey or British Berkefeld System?

No, this will damage the filters. Removing large amounts of salt from water such as seawater generally requires some form of a distillation system.


Can I run HOT water through my Berkey or British Berkefeld System?

No, this can damage the filters


Do Black Berkey filters remove Fluoride?

Not by themselves, but with the addition of the PF-2 post-reduction filter, they will remove about 95%.


What is the life span of a Black Berkey filter?

About 11,356 litres per filter. They are self-sterilising and are re-cleanable. Under normal usage they can generally be used for 3 to 4 years+ making them far more economical than most other systems.


Do Super Sterasyl Ceramic filters remove Fluoride?

Not by themselves, but with the addition of the PF-4 post-reduction filter, they will remove about 95% plus heavy metals and MTBEs.


Is the Berkey Light System BPA-free?



Where are the British Berkefeld Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters made?

The ones we sell are made in England as stamped on the filter.


I can’t seem to find the washers and wingnuts that go with the spigot; how can I get them?

Generally these come attached to the spigot so please first check the spigot. If they are definitely not there, please contact us directly.


I’ve gone travelling with my Berkey Water Filter System and the filters are now really slow, what do I do?

All you need to do is re-prime the filters. If you lose your priming button, please contact us for a new one.