Chlorine is something we’re all familiar with. It’s what we use to keep our swimming pools clean.

But did you know it’s in your tap water? Unfortunately, it is one of the primary methods used to disinfect tap water.

The result is an increase in the occurrence of Trihalomethanes posing a significant risk to your health.
Chlorine poses a serious threat toyour health and should be avoided ifpossible. Health expert Dr. Mercola

says “You’d think people would realize that if chlorine is toxic enough to kill bacteria and other potentially

infectious life forms when added to water, it might not be the safest thing to drink.”The dangers of drinking
chlorinated water are real and should not be overlooked. Now there is something you can do to keep the

Chlorine out of your water. By purchasing a water filter you can effectively remove the chlorine and
eliminate you and your family’s exposure. Not all filters are made the same, be sure to look closely at the
manufacturers claims and for testing data to back them up. We recommend Clearly because their
filters remove 99.99% of all chlorine
and are 100% portable so you can have chlorine free water wherever you go.