Sport Berkey Filter Bottle

Fill the Sport Berkey Portable Water Filter with water, screw on cap and tighten securely to eliminate
leaks. Flush water through Filter by pulling down lever, so that straw is exposed, and squeeze water
through Filter & out the straw. Repeat this flushing process twice before drinking. This removes excess
process dust from the Filter. After 2 flushes, rinse the bottle & cap. Your Filter bottle is now ready for
use. Enjoy!

The Sport Berkey Portable Water Filter has a shelf life of 50 years. When the Filter system will not be
used for an extended period, flush the unit with a chlorinated solution of 1/4 tsp. per one half gallon of
water. Allow to dry thoroughly with cap removed. Re-assemble and stow. Do not allow Filter to freeze, do
not place in microwave oven and do not run hot water through the Filter.


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