There’s worms in the Umgeni Water

Drinking water that isn’t clean is alive with all kinds of hidden life forms invisible to the naked eye; fascinating to scientists, repugnant to those with no option but to drink it.

Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): “It’s almost election season, and the water wars are brewing. Throughout this week, we’ve asked you to share some of your challenges with service delivery – particularly when it comes to water. We’ve been flooded with responses, so we’re gonna go on a road […]

SA Home Made Water Filter

Home Made Water Purifier NZ



SA Home Made Water Filter

Looking for an affordable water purifier to make your rainwater, tank water or reservoir water drinkable?

The best option and the proven option is the long-lasting  Berkey water purifier or purification element.  Berkey filters are gravity water purifiers that use either cleanable micro-permeable ceramic filter elements or carbon based Black Berkey elements.  These purifiers […]

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Polluted Water Sources & Poor Management of Dams

A combination of polluted water sources and poor management of dams, sewerage works and treatment plants has led to a situation where our water supply is under serious threat.

Water sources: Poor management of informal settlements. With inadequate sewerage systems in place, and little provision for the removal of waste, large quantities of waste are washed into rivers, where they make their way to overburdened water purification plants.

Management of dams: As the quality of the water from our water sources deteriorates, it becomes […]

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