E coli in Grabouw water

Grabouw – High levels of pollution, including E. coli, have been found in the water in Grabouw in the Western Cape, a water management organisation said on Friday.

“This poses a serious threat to the fruit industry in the region, one of the pillars of the Western Cape economy,” said Fabion Smith, an official from the Breede Gouritz Catchment Management Agency (BG-CMA).

The agency released a report detailing the findings of tests conducted on four key water sources in the area, including […]

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There’s worms in the Umgeni Water

Drinking water that isn’t clean is alive with all kinds of hidden life forms invisible to the naked eye; fascinating to scientists, repugnant to those with no option but to drink it.

Bongani Bingwa (Carte Blanche presenter): “It’s almost election season, and the water wars are brewing. Throughout this week, we’ve asked you to share some of your challenges with service delivery – particularly when it comes to water. We’ve been flooded with responses, so we’re gonna go on a road […]

Residents have been worried about the water quality for some time

Residents have been worried about the water quality for some time.
The SRPA tested water resources around the town to see what is in the water and if it is safe for human consumption as the municipality has claimed numerous times. The test was conducted through an independent water testing laboratory, QMS Agri Science in Letsitele.
The first tests of eight different water sources, were done on February 8, with shocking results.
The SRPA sent two of the samples in again to be […]

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High concentrations of lead were found in irrigated lands

Mahikeng – A researcher from North West University has found that the internal organs of cattle kept in the area around the Wonderfontein Spruit have been contaminated with uranium and cobalt, Beeld reported on Tuesday.

In research conducted for his Masters thesis in environmental science, David Hamman analysed the animals’ kidneys and found that uranium levels were 4 350 times higher than those in a control group.

In his study, titled “A Holistic View on the Impact of Gold and Uranium […]

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