Water shedding could be in the pipeline

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Cape Town – South Africa is witnessing the exact same failures that crippled its electricity grid unfold in the management of its water infrastructure, DA leader Mmusi Maimane warned in his latest newsletter on Monday.

He said these failures include infrastructure neglect, inadequate budgeting and a crippling skills shortage.

“You’d think we’d be extra vigilant in preventing similar crises developing elsewhere, now that we can see the damaging effects of load-shedding. But unless we act quickly and decisively, South Africa could soon […]

Bottled Water Poisons Your Body One Swallow at a Time

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By Dr. Mercola

You’ve probably heard a lot about bottled water. That it’s healthier for you than tap water, that it can replace your vitamins, that it’s really only tap water and how environmentally unfriendly it is.

With this type of conflicting information about water, it’s easy to get confused. Let’s see if we can help you cut through the clutter and lead you down the path to healthier water consumption.

Environmental Impact

There’s no sense in sugar-coating it. Bottled water is destructive to […]

Fluoride and the brain: Not a good combo

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By: Sandeep Godiyal


Fluoride, an element that is often naturally occurring in drinking water, is also added to water that contains only trace amounts of the compound. It had been espoused for years as being a solution to the problem of weak bones. In addition to its purported benefits in strengthening bones, fluoride is touted as a key element in fighting tooth decay by making the teeth stronger. This is particularly true in the cases […]

E coli in Grabouw water

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Grabouw – High levels of pollution, including E. coli, have been found in the water in Grabouw in the Western Cape, a water management organisation said on Friday.

“This poses a serious threat to the fruit industry in the region, one of the pillars of the Western Cape economy,” said Fabion Smith, an official from the Breede Gouritz Catchment Management Agency (BG-CMA).

The agency released a report detailing the findings of tests conducted on four key water sources in the area, including […]