Unsafe Drinking Water ~ 13 Municipalities been red-flagged

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Nationally,  other municipalities have also been red-flagged as having unsafe drinking water, with Mpumalanga the worst, with five

A water management expert, who did not want to be named, said high microbiological failure meant the water had not been properly disinfected, resulting in high counts of e.coli, faecal coli or other bacteria.
“Basically, the problem referred to by the minister is poor or non-existent management,” he said. “Unfortunately, these authorities either do not realise the importance of this water management or are […]

Dangers of drinking chlorinated water

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Chlorine is something we’re all familiar with. It’s what we use to keep our swimming pools clean.

But did you know it’s in your tap water? Unfortunately, it is one of the primary methods used to disinfect tap water.

The result is an increase in the occurrence of Trihalomethanes posing a significant risk to your health.
Chlorine poses a serious threat toyour health and should be avoided ifpossible. Health expert Dr. Mercola

says “You’d think people would realize that if chlorine is toxic enough to kill bacteria and other potentially

infectious life forms when added […]

FACTS about Chlorine In Our Water

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One of the most deadly chemicals which majorly adds to the public water pollution issues in our current world is Chlorine (Cl2).  This chemical is widely used to treat public water supplies.  Yet chlorine is so deadly that in World War I it was used as a chemical weapon that caused terrible casualties. Chlorine is liquefied before being used to treat water supplies, but what most people don’t know, is that it readily returns to its lethal gaseous form in […]

Residents have been worried about the water quality for some time

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Residents have been worried about the water quality for some time.
The SRPA tested water resources around the town to see what is in the water and if it is safe for human consumption as the municipality has claimed numerous times. The test was conducted through an independent water testing laboratory, QMS Agri Science in Letsitele.
The first tests of eight different water sources, were done on February 8, with shocking results.
The SRPA sent two of the samples in again to be […]

97% Of Western Europe Has Rejected Water Fluoridation

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Water Fluoridation

At present, 97% of the western European population drinks non-fluoridated water. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and approximately 90% of both the United Kingdom and Spain. Although some of these countries fluoridate their salt, the majority do not. (The only western European countries that allow salt fluoridation are Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.)

Despite foregoing “one of the top ten […]

Water Filtration with Young Children of HIV-Positive Mothers

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Unsafe drinking water presents a particular threat to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) due to the increased risk of opportunistic infections, diarrhea-associated malabsorption of essential nutrients, and increased exposure to untreated water for children of HIV-positive mothers who use replacement feeding to reduce the risk of HIV transmission. This population may particularly benefit from an intervention to improve water quality in the home.

In this population living with HIV/AIDS, a water filter combined with safe storage was used correctly and consistently, […]

Kenya: Voi Residents Complain of Acute Water Shortage

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Residents of Voi are complaining about the acute water shortage that has hit the town in the last two weeks. Hotels and restaurants are the most affected by the shortage caused by repairs of the Mzima water line.

Residents said the one week notice by the Taita Taveta Water and Sewarage Company has since lapsed. “The water company is a disgrace to Voi which is a fast growing business hub. Many businesses are operating at a loss because they have to […]

Fluoridation Is Not a Safe Practice

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Fluoridation Is Not a Safe Practice

The most important reason to end fluoridation is that it is simply not a safe practice, particularly for those who have health conditions that render them vulnerable to fluoride’s toxic effects.

First, there is no dispute that fluoridation is causing millions of children to develop dental fluorosis, a discoloration of the teeth that is caused by excessive fluoride intake. Scientists from the Centers for Disease Control have even […]

Vision of providing safe water: Matt Damon and Gary White

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Surveys from 45 developing countries show that women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection in the majority of households. This is time not spent working at an income-generating job, caring for family members, or attending school.12

“Big Stars, Big Giving” is CNN’s special series that shines the spotlight on celebrities and the causes they support. In an American Morning original series, “Big Stars, Big Giving,” Alina Cho looks at celebrity […]

High concentrations of lead were found in irrigated lands

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Mahikeng – A researcher from North West University has found that the internal organs of cattle kept in the area around the Wonderfontein Spruit have been contaminated with uranium and cobalt, Beeld reported on Tuesday.

In research conducted for his Masters thesis in environmental science, David Hamman analysed the animals’ kidneys and found that uranium levels were 4 350 times higher than those in a control group.

In his study, titled “A Holistic View on the Impact of Gold and Uranium […]